Taichung Baptist Church


     Taichung Baptist Church (TBC) is the first baptist church in central Taiwan. Taichung Baptist Church was built in 1952 and has planted 17 more churches since then. Apart from its long history, Taichung Baptist Church is also a church of innovation and renewal. We teach genuine truth from the Bible, seek the power of the Holy Spirit and life renewal. The church architecture is a classic work of the 1960s; it has a beautiful courtyard and is equipped with all the necessary facilities. Church members include infants to 90-year-old seniors. Our church is like one big family that gets along happily and together we seek spiritual growth.
      For the comfort of our brothers and sisters, our church is equipped with a nursing room, a secondary hall that broadcasts the Sunday service, and an activity center for the community. Our church has a variety of different activities and fellowships for different age groups according to their needs. Not only are there multiple choices to choose from, but we can also help each other out in our daily lives. We welcome you to come to our church and become part of our spiritual family.
      Taichung Baptist Church was founded by Miss Addie Estelle Cox, a missionary who came to Taiwan in November 1951 from China. At the time she established a mission, a two-story building located in Taichung City, Taichung Road No. 114. In 1953, the land on Ziyou Rd., which is our current address, was bought and began construction on October 25th the following year. The church opening ceremony was held on 1955 May 25th and thus the brothers and sisters began to hold services there.